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Welcome to the EC 3 Flipped Learning Hub. This section brings you basic information about MUIC's English Communication 2 course and redirects you to the official website of the EC 3 Flipped Learning Hub by clicking here. 

The EC 3 Course Objectives

Upon completion of Intermediate English Communication 3, students will have developed an understanding of the basic elements of public speaking.  Students will use skills learned in EC 1 and 2 in combination with new skills to make and present informative and persuasive speeches.   Students will also develop the skills necessary to speak confidently and effectively in front of a group.  Instruction includes audience analysis, topic selection, research, organization, persuasion, and delivery skills. 

Let's Start Flipping!

Looking for class lectures? Check out our class textbook with details below:

Lucas, S.E., The Art of Public Speaking, Harcourt Brace Publishers.

For video resources on organizing the speech, check the link below: 

Keith Chen

For video resources on speech introductions and conclusions,, check the links below: 

* Amy Cuddy 

* Adam Baker 

* Jon Jandai 

For video resources on Informative Speeches, check the links below: 

* Erik Johansson 

* James Patten 

For video resources on Persuasive Speeches, check the links below: 

* Matt Cutts 

* Jamie Oliver 

For video resources on startling the audience, check the link below: 

* Geena Rocero