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Welcome to the ICEG 463: Drama and the Contemporary Southeast Asia Flipped Learning Hub. This section brings you basic information about the English Studies Program's Comparative Literature: Drama and the Intercultural Studies and Languages Program's Society, Politics, and Economics in Contemporary Southeast Asia. 

ICEG 463 Course Objectives

Upon completion of ICEG 463 Comparative Literature: Drama, students will have an understanding of and gained valuable experience in the rigors and expectations of the interrelatedness of the creative arts and the discipline of theatrical scholarship.

*** Learning materials for ICCU 201 can be found at the bottom half of this section. 

Dramatic Monologues 

* "Rent"
* "As You Like It," Act 1, Scene 3, The Royal Shakespeare Company 
* "Romeo and Juliet," The Royal Shakespeare Company

ICEG 463*

Major Works Discussed in Class

"Romeo & Juliet" - William Shakespeare 

"The Importance of Being Earnest" -  Oscar Wilde

"Miss Saigon" - Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil 

ICEG 463*

"Les Miserables" 

Internalizing a character/ Characterization

* Being in character: Lea Salonga as Eponine 

* Being in character: Lea Salonga as Fantine

* Being in character: Eponine, Marius & Cosette Trio 

ICEG 463*

"Miss Saigon"

Interactions/ Distinction of Characters/ Actors

*  Kim and Cris Duet 

Stage Design/ Technical Elements

* Kim and Cris Duet

* Chorus 

Full-length Play: Miss Saigon- Manila

Act 1

Act 2 

ICEG 463*

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"Mamma Mia"

Part 1 

* Part 2 

* Part 3 

* Part 4 

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* Part 6 

* Part 7 

* Part 8 

* Part 9  

* Part 10

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"High School Musical" 

ICEG 463*

ICCU 201 Society, Politics, and Economics in Contemporary Southeast Asia Course Objectives

Upon completion of ICCU 201 Society, Politics, and Economics in Contemporary Southeast Asia, students will have an understanding of and gained valuable experience in the rigors and expectations of academic discussions on the interrelatedness of contemporary Southeast Asia through the lens of humanities, the arts, and social sciences.


Introduction to the course

- Course Syllabus

- Course Outline 

Turnitin Class Enrollment Details

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Enrollment key: iccu201

Geography, the Human Landscape and ASEAN

Mapping Southeast Asia (with a blank SEA map for revision purposes)  

SEA Political Map 

Locating Southeast Asia (PPP) 

Ethno-Linguistic and Religious Mélange

Legislating Modernity among the Marginalized (Guide Questions only)

Religions of the World





Why Study Religion

"The Story of God": A National Geographic documentary 

Kinship, Family, and Gender

Finding the Right Food: The Flow of Life and the Construction of Kinship in SEA

     - Link to Online Copy of the Text 

     - PPP File

The Gender Perspective 

The Important Role of Women in Feeding the World Population: Follow-up Video Clip

Sacred Grain: Rice and Religion in East and SEA Perspective: Supplementary Video Clip 

On Rice and the Region of Rice Civilization: Supplementary Reading

Arts vis-à-vis Resistance and Social Change

Arts vis-à-vis Resistance and Social Change: PPP

Activism and Social Movements in Southeast Asia: Supplementary Material  

Songs in the Key of Politics: Supplementary Material 

Music as a Platform for Political Communication: Supplementary Material

How Art Creates Social Change in 5 TED Talks: Supplementary Material  

Political Developments in SEA

Political Developments PPP 

Democracy Index 2015 

Governance in Southeast Asia: Issues and Options 

Migration in SEA

Migration and Other Related Concepts and Issues PPP 

Diaspora: Reading 


Response Essay

List of SEA Newspapers 

Response Essay Worksheet 

Critical Essay

Critical Essay Template 

Artwork/ Song: "Bayan Ko" (Link to the lyrics, original and translations)

Annotated Bibliography

Sample Annotated Bibliography with a template

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (Source: Cornell University)

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (Source: Purdue University) 

Argument Research Essay

Argument Research Essay Worksheet 

Guide to Developing Strong Argument Thesis Statements 

ICCU 201*